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In the past, running a modern business environment required a significant investment in physical IT infrastructure.

However, today’s businesses no longer have to devote huge amounts of time, and financial resources to keep things running smoothly.

Virtualization has changed the game entirely, allowing greater utility and flexibility at a much better value.

The idea behind Virtualization is simple. A company uses one piece of hardware – either on-site or in the cloud – to run any number of virtual machines. By doing things this way, you get more functionality using less hardware, and you save money on capital expenditure, operating expenses, and other valuable resources.

Are you…

  • A small company with a limited IT budget/manpower?
  • Taking steps to strengthen your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • A small-to-midsize business (SMB) that needs to grow without spending too much on IT infrastructure?
  • Trying to cut IT costs and make better use of existing infrastructure?

The Benefits of Virtualization

  • Microsoft hyperV

    Save money!

  • vMware

    Streamline I.T. systems!

  • Cloud Virtualization Services

    Protect data – off-site or cloud virtualization!

  • Server Virtualization in Toronto

    Easily Scale Up or Down!

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Utilize more of your on-site server space!

Virtualization brings enormous benefit to businesses of every size and scale. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, position your company for greater growth potential, or facilitate business continuity planning, Paradigm Network Solutions will help you develop a virtualization strategy that will meet your goals.

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