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Consulting, Strategy, Professionalism- Your team deserves to have the right people on your side.

A professional IT Consultant (also known as a virtual Chief Information Officer – vCIO) from Paradigm Network Solutions Inc. delivers timely, executive-level advice that will give your management team the high-level IT data you need to make the big decisions. In addition, our IT Consultants manage your technology to give you the streamlined, stable, and safe computing environment you need.

We give you all the advantages of an in-house, C-level technology employee without the cost of hiring a new staff member. Our IT Consultants will help you manage your technology and analyze its functionality to align your IT with your business processes.

We know what properly-implemented technology can do for a business, and we’ll provide your company with an IT environment that is crafted to support your scale and success.

Your Paradigm Network Solutions IT Consultant will:

  • Analyze your IT in conjunction with your internal workflow.
  • Work with you to define and establish the appropriate IT management approach.
  • Walk with you through the process of determining your technical priorities to make your IT serve your highest business needs immediately.

Let our IT Consultants show you how IT effects the cost and feasibility of the BIG, pro-growth business decisions you need to make.

  • Product Line Expansions?
  • Work-From-Home or Remote Employees?
  • Developing Satellite Locations?
  • Investing in E-Commerce?
  • Moving Toward Cloud Assets?
  • Facility Additions, Moves, or New Buildings?

We’ll act proactively and prevent issues before they become very real problems that negatively affect the business. How do we do it?

  • Managing all your IT vendor relationships
  • Developing an appropriate budget and helping you manage it
  • Creating a support strategy & infrastructure management
  • Implementing the right technology
  • Operationalizing – installation, configuration, monitoring, and staff training

Let our IT Consultants help you step back and look at the larger picture of your technology.

Leverage the expertise and experience of Paradigm Network Solutions Inc. with our IT Consultant (vCIO) Services. Contact us now at (416) 490-9019 or

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