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Is your technology giving your trucking or logistics company a competitive edge?

As your trucking or logistics company grows, it will grapple with the awkward stresses and strains that change brings to an organization.

Change can lead to some very good things.


If your IT isn’t correctly implemented and maintained it won’t scale along with your company – giving you slow performance and unexpected computer downtime that costs you thousands.

Paradigm Network Solutions has customizable solutions that will work for ANY fleet management or logistics company scenario!

Partner with the Paradigm Network Solutions team and save yourself the time and the frustration of issues such as:

  • Flexibility Struggles – Can you easily add or subtract users, trucks, loads, dates, drivers, and customers?
  • Accessibility Struggles – Can your drivers and mobile office staff access the aspects of the fleet management software that they need to function efficiently?
  • Portability Struggles – Is your current fleet management software highly mobile or is it office-bound – maybe “mobile” with a flimsy app that has no real functionality?
  • Functionality Struggles – Does the fleet management software and hardware that you are currently using have all of the functions that you need to get the right loads, on the right trucks, to the right destination, and in the right time-frame?

Let us help you move your operation forward!

We have made it our mission to understand the needs of logistics and trucking companies like yours and to deliver full-tier IT management in a budgetable monthly subscription package.


We have the skill to make you more efficient, more competitive, and ultimately – more profitable.

Companies just like yours across the industry are demanding better IT integrations and solutions to bring their businesses in line with the level of IT efficiency, collaboration, and communication found in other industries.

Technology is changing how things are done in trucking and logistics…

Don’t get left behind!

Shed the awkward and inefficient IT systems of yesterday, get complete IT management from Paradigm Network Solutions, and gain a competitive advantage.

Learn more about the solutions and implementations that Paradigm Network Solutions can customize for your fleet management tasks.

Give us a call at (416) 490-9019 or send an email to now.

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