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We’re here to help you succeed. That’s the bottom line.

Yes, we take care of the nuts and bolts of your IT, but we do technology so that you can do those things that will allow your company to thrive.

Your technology should support your agenda and your goals. It shouldn’t get in your way, suck up your time, or frustrate your employees. That’s why Paradigm Network Solutions Inc. has put together a grouping of services that will enable your employees to get more accomplished in less time while spending less on IT services than you would with the traditional break/fix model.

How do we do it?

  • People that care about YOUR business success
  • A range of customizable options from one-time projects to fully-managed support solutions
  • Available monthly subscription pricing
  • Fast response for your IT issues and answers for your questions

Your technology should be a tool that enhances your business. It shouldn’t be a drain on your resources. Let us show you how to get the best return possible on your IT spend.

Our team uses these superb service offerings to secure, strengthen, and streamline your business.

  • IT Services in Toronto

    Proactive Onsite Support

    With a regularly scheduled visit, at a minimum of once per month, our experienced technician will perform a checklist of preventative maintenance tasks which will help reduce the cost of downtime and emergency repairs. These tasks will help lengthen your IT asset life cycle and solve most problems before you even know they are happening. Included each month, is a summart report of the alerts that were generated from our NOC Services and the issues logged to our Remote Help Desk along with some suggestions for improving your IT infrastructure moving forward. Caring for your in-house and cloud solutions as if they were our own.

  • Accredited NOC Services (24×7 remediation)

    With 24×7 monitoring and alerting network ussues will be identified much faster and addressed proactively. With rapid resolution and problem prevention, we will substantially reduce the costs associated with downtime (lost productivity, lost opportunities and service costs). You will know exactly what’s going on in your network and know about pending problems and be able to plan accordingly.

    Computer Support in Toronto
  • Tech Support Toronto

    Backup/Disaster Recovery

    Having a professionally managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution gives you peace of mind knowing your data is backed up locally and offsite to ensure continous availability.

  • Business Continuity

    A true business continuity solution will keep your business running, no matter what. Our solution has the ability to instantly virtualize both on- and off-site. This eliminates downtime and gets you back in business quickly.

    IT Support Toronto
  • Computer Repair Toronto

    Email Security

    Works outside the network perimeter to protect your organization from spam, viruses, worms, email attacks, and fraud, while enabling ongoing email communications durring server outrages.

  • Remote Help Desk Services

    Our cost efficient solution enables support personnel to access client systems providing instant support just as if we were there in person. Services are all inclusive as part of a fixed monthly fee and are unlimited.

    HelpDesk Services in Toronto
  • Toronto Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Computing

    We can offer Office 365 and various other software as a service individually, or you can have all your applications and data accessible from the cloud with Apps on Tap our unified cloud computing platform.

  • Strategic IT Consulting

    Getting you the executive-level advice you need to make the significant, roadmap decisions for your business.

    Strategic IT Consulting in Toronto

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