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Technology alone is not enough. We unify the business IT experience with our secure cloud platform and aligned IT services.

The ability to find a service provider that can service a customer end-to-end and still be mindful of user  satisfaction is almost impossible to find. This is not a technology but a premium services capability and commitment that sets us apart. We provide a complete spectrum of IT services and give each client a keyboard-to-cloud assurance with one central point of contact: help desk, a migrations department, application hosting, account management, security, compliance and more.

As far back as 2002, Paradigm Network Solutions Inc. knew this day was coming.  That is when we first launched our private cloud solution, Apps on Tap.  Our cloud solution is the farthest thing from a newly created, rushed-out-the-door platform.  It is also a lot more than a software only solution like Microsoft Office 365; it is a unified, mature, tested and evolving platform with thousands of end users enjoying access to all of their applications and data in a secure and compliant environment.  Apps on Tap workplace, is the most innovative, simplest to migrate to, easiest to manage, yet vastly sophisticated cloud technology available on the market today.

An Integrated Cloud Solution For Your Toronto Business

Apps on Tap workplace_ is the secure digital hub that enables companies of all sizes to safeguard their business while empowering employees to work smarter. Apps on Tap workplace_ aggregates all of a companies’ IT applications and data in a centralized cloud hub where they can be seamlessly secured and controlled, while providing employees the flexibility to access all their tools and information from any device, anywhere.

Why Apps on Tap For Your Business?

Historically, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) had to use on premise technology to run key business applications including accounting, customer relationship management, ERP and a long list of other line of business software. Today, more than 8 out of 10 SMBs are moving all or part of their technology to the cloud. Our IT solution combines a security-compliant interface with a veteran team of IT service experts who know the SMB market. We manage 500+ applications and deliver the ideal cloud computing experience to end users around the world.

Smarter IT, Fully Supported

We provide a complete spectrum of IT services and give each client a keyboard-to-cloud assurance with one central point of contact. We support your office locations’ desktops/laptops, networks, printers, scanners, firewalls, routers & switches, and leverage field-based technicians anywhere in the U.S and Canada.

All Apps & Data In One Place

Apps on Tap workplace_ is the only solution to integrate all of your applications – web apps alongside hosted Windows, legacy, and custom software – accessed and controlled simply in one place. It gives users a company-branded single-sign-on dashboard; file sharing and collaborative tools and its right at home on any PC, Mac, iPad or mobile device. Smart organizations are using more cloud-based applications and tools than ever, and they are increasingly spread out. You need a unifying solution.

Start transitioning your business to the Cloud today!

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